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IntegraLink is recognized by manufacturers, direct-marketing firms, and others who work in the automotive industry as the leader in supporting initiatives that require accurate and timely point-of-sale data.

We specialize in the collection of data from automotive retailers’ dealership management systems. Data collection requires the consent of each automotive retailer that IntegraLink will collect data from. Data collection is non-destructive; our service creates a copy of the data from each system and does not create, change, or erase files on retailers' systems.

As websites with automotive content proliferate, IntegraLink bridges the gap between static pages that require manual updates and pages that feature seamless, automated data with complete, up-to-date information that makes them more appealing to visitors.

  We are surrounded by data, but is often difficult to use because many systems cannot communicate with each other. IntegraLink specializes in turning raw data into useful business intelligence.      
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